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OK, just to remind you. Freesat is not the same as Freeview. For the purposes of obtaining UK TV via satellite in France, do not purchase a Freeview receiver.....

FilmOn - April 2017

FilmOn, the web based streaming service is no longer free. Only the first two minutes can be watched without a subscription.

Update to the below - March 2017

The latest software release seems to have resolved all issues. Updates are released at 10am on a Thursday at last until 9am Monday. Most receivers simply need to be switched off, then on again. Before you see any channels on screen you will be prompted that a new software version is available. Follow the on screen instructions and all should be well.

18th January 2017

Further to the post below (4th June 2016), there are now various examples of some Sedea or Digitronic receivers operating normally and as expected. However, there are also examples of them remaining affected by the software update. If you have any information regarding your personal situation in this regard I would love to hear from you - thank you.

1st January 2017

Please be aware that I do not currently supply media streamers such as the Amazon Firestick or other devices capable of using software like Kodi to stream UK TV and radio. 

4th June 2016

For those of you with a Sedea or Digitronic receiver that has been set up for the reception of both French and UK TV, you may have discovered that following a recent software update, your receiver is failing to operate correctly. This is not a problem with your installation but with the software update itself. 

If your receiver was on a UK channel when the software tried to update itself (and it related only to TNTSAT), then it was likely to have been stuck in a constant loop that could not be fixed by simply unlugging etc. If however, it was set to a TNTSAT channel (1 to 21 for example) then it is likely that your French TV reception remained unaffected. However, upon looking for a UK TV channel, the receiver will shut down and fail to work.

At present, there is no solution for this issue and I am in contact with the manufacturers seeking a resolution to the issue. Please note, I am unable to simply supply a new receiver as the same thing will likely occur upon installation.

Please bear with me and either email me with details of the issue where I will add you to my database of affected receivers or refer back to this page where I will post updates as they become available.

C-Lines (or card sharing services)

19th May 2014

Sky UK has over the last few weeks started to implement more anti-piracy measures to its premium subscription services. Over the past few years, Sky and all pay TV providers, have been losing revenue to people using card sharing services and servers. These offer the full Sky package at a much cheaper rate than an official subscription. By using certain satellite receivers, like a Skybox F5 for example, and connecting them to the internet, you can receive Sky pay channels for a lot less month than a official subscription. Some providers of these systems do not tell their clients that the systems are illegal, and the services cannot be guaranteed.

Around 10 Sky HD pay channels have had their encryption settings improved. This has meant the channels are no longer bale to be “unlocked” by cardsharing services. Although there are only a handful of channels affected at present, you can bet that all Sky HD channels will be moved to the new encryption in the next few weeks. Perhaps all premium Sky channels, like Sky Sports and Sky Movies will also change.

Of course, the broadcasters are always playing catch up, and it may only be a matter of time before the cardshare networks manage to crack and hack the new encryption. How long it will take no-one really knows. The only official and correct way to receive Sky pay channels via satellite is with a genuine Sky subscription package (with thanks to


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