The French House - UK TV & Satellite Broadband in France

Based in the Haute-Vienne and operating since 2005, The French House is an established family run business offering a range of satellite TV and satellite broadband installation services in the Haute Vienne (department 87) and the surrounding areas. Essentially, we cover all areas up to one and half hours drive from the Bellac area. 

Please note though, we do not install or service terrestrial aerial installations.

We can offer a full satellite TV installation service - usually within 10 days of receiving your order. We can fit the dish, install the cabling and satellite receiver, or if you prefer, simply align your own dish to the satellite of your choice (usually Astra 2 for UK TV or Astra1 for French TV).

We also offer DIY installations, Simply buy the equipment from us and then you can do the install yourself with the aid of our DIY guide.

Also on this site you can find further information and the latest news concerning important frequency changes, especially those regarding UK TV, the latest satellite TV news and the news from leading manufacturers.

Check out our price list and discover how you can be enjoying UK TV in France for less than you think.

We also now have a mobile number - 00 33 (0)7 69 66 98 55. We may well be unable to answer your call but please feel free to leave a message or SMS and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

French & UK TV on one dish with one receiver!

It is possible to have both UK TV from Astra2 and TNTSAT from Astra1 on the same satellite dish. Using an off-set bracket, the dish can accept 2 LNBs to receive transmissions from both satellites. Using a DiSEqC switch means that only one cable is required and better still, only one receiver is required. Please see the end of the French TV section for further details.

4th June 2016 - A recent software update is causing major problems to owners of a Sedea or Digitronic receiver that is set up to receive both French and UK TV. Please visit the 'News & Info' page where updates will be posted.

Satellite Broadband

30th March 2016 - Please note that due to the popularity of Tooway, there are currently no new domestic activations possible on beams 15 & 21 (which covers most of central France) until further notice. Essentially, this means that whilst I can install your own satellite broadband equipment, I am unable to supply it.

For further information on any of our services, please feel free to e-mail us or you can call us on : 00 33 (0)5 55 68 15 77 or 00 33 (0)7 69 66 98 55. 

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