There are a few ways to obtain French TV via satellite.

TNTSAT - This is a digital satellite service from the Astra1 satellite and will provide you will the 20 TNT channels which can be considered as the 'mainstream'. If you have a TNTSAT High-Definition receiver then you will receive the same package but with a number of the channels being in HD. As with UK satellite TV, various types of receiver are available including models with a built-in hard-drive for recordings.

Certain TNTSAT receivers (but not all) can now also be used to receive both TNTSAT and free to air UK TV channels on the same satellite dish with the use of other appropriate equipment. Please see the end of this page for details.

The TNTSAT receiver comes with a viewing card which is valid for 4 years from the date of activation. No monthly subscription fees are payable.

You can also receive many European language channels that broadcast free to air from the same satellite. For further information you can click on the following link

Fransat - This provides the same domestic French channels as TNTSAT above, but is used with satellite dishes aligned to the old Atlantic Bird 3 satellite. This is the satellite that used to transmit the now defunct analogue satellite service. The intention of Fransat was that those who used to receive the analogue satellite service could simply replace the receiver with no need to re-align the dish. This service also has a 4 year viewing card.

Please note, a TNTSAT receiver will not work on a system for Fransat and vice-versa. Please find further details here

Orange TV - A service provided by Orange (France Telecom) that offers a greater range of channels, but still includes the 19 TNTSAT channels. This service is only available in conjunction with other Orange services such as the use of a 'livebox' (modem/router). Channels can be received from either Astra1, Hotbird 13 or Atlantic Bird 3. Slightly different services are offered by each so you are advised to click here for further details (correct at 14th Jan 2012).

Please note that this service is arranged by the client with Orange directly. We simply install, or re-align your dish if required. Please be aware that we have heard many stories of customers being told that UK TV being available via this service - it is not. There are a couple of English language news channel, but no BBCs or ITVs etc. Ensure you know what you are going to get before signing up!

Similar services are offered by other providers such as SFR, but to date we have no experience of these so will make no further reference.

Canal+ - Is a subscription service roughly comperable to SKY TV in the UK. Click here for further information

Bis TV - Is a rival satellite service to Canal Satellite.  Bis tv is offers a low cost monthly subscription (less than 5 euros) and will provide 14 of the TNT channels plus some of its own. It did operate from two satellites, HotBird at 13° east and Atlantic Bird at 5° West, however at present, only Hotbird is detailed on the Bis web-site which can be found here

TNTSAT & UK TV Combined - With the use of DiSEqC (effectively a switching box) and the appropriate dish, certain TNTSAT receivers can also receive the free to air UK TV channels such as the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Five etc. The single satellite dish can hold 2 seperate LNBs, one for UK TV and one that is slightly off-set to receive TNTSAT. Using a DiSEqC switch, you then only need 1 cable run from the dish to your satellite receiver. If you choose to watch BBC1 for example, the satellite receiver will select the appropriate LNB on the dish and receive UK TV. If you select one of the French channels, it will switch to the other LNB and receive those transmissions instead.

One reciever, one remote control, one cable, one dish.

Please note however, that one slight drawback of this service is that at present these satellite receivers do not have the ability to offer an electronic program guide similar to those found of SKY or Freesat receivers. Nor do they present the UK channels in a logical order when first downloaded. However, you can of course modify this to your own requirements.