Freesat is a digital satellite service from both the BBC & ITV. It is an alternative to SKY and is subscription free. All the main channels are offered and with the right receiver & TV, you can also access the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 & 5 High Definition (HD) channels. The service also offers a useful 8-day programme guide. Please see below for a selection of channels offered.freesat

BBC1, BBC2, BBC4, ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, Channel 4, Channel 5, More4, E4, Film4, Dave (from 1st Aug 2017), Sky News, Bubble Hits (music), Vault (music), lots of stuff you'll liklely never watch (Rocks & Co - Anyone?) and a selection of the main UK radio channels. Other non-Freesat platform channels can also be added if they are available 'free to air' from the Astra2 satellite.

To view the full list of available channels, click here

High Definition Freesat receivers are available along with PVR (personal video recorder) versions which allow you to record one channel whilst watching another. Recordings are stored on a hard-drive on the PVR ready for playback at a convenient time. 

The first 2 receivers detailed below are high-definition but non-recording receivers. The 3rd is Freesat+ which allows you to record one channel whilst watching another. You can even record 2 channels at the same time and watch something you have already recorded! Bear in mind though that for Freesat+ you will need 2 cables from your satellite dish.

You can view these products and even order them directly from Amazon UK by clicking below; 

Please be aware though that Freesat is NOT the same as Freeview in the UK. Your Freeview box will not receive UK TV here in France and Freesat does not carry the same suite of channels. To see the channels available on the Freesat platform then click here

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